Lisa Pitel-Killah

She is passionate about health, performance and longevity of not only individuals but animals too. A former competitive figure skater, Lisa has competed at multiple National Skating Championships. She is recognized internationally as a top Kettlebell Sport Athlete winning multiple Canadian and United States National titles, as well as multiple World Championship titles. Through the diagnostic testing, known as Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Lisa was able to solve her own chronic health problems, as well as the chronic issues suffered by her chihuahua, TC. From this work she has created a very unique program which has done the same for thousands of others. Lisa lectures on HTMA and Mineral Balance regularly and hosts an online continuing education course with the Institute of Holistic Nutrition which teaches Health Practitioners how to utilize and implement HTMA into their practice. Lisa and her team offer online health coaching based on HTMA testing for individuals and animals from all over the world.

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