Dr. Samatha Tulla

Dr. Samatha Tulla is an Internal medicine physician & diabetologist, a specialist in precision & anti-aging medicine, and a longevity expert. She is currently a consultant at Magna code clinic ,YOUNIQ clinic and an Associate professor in internal medicine. She creates individualized tailor-made treatment plans for people with lifestyle and chronic metabolic diseases. She truly believes in converting sick care to healthcare through early preventive interventions. She has a fellowship in Diabetes Mellitus (Royal Liverpool Academy, UK), Genetic Testing and Sequencing Technologies (Harvard Medical School, USA), and a Certification in Precision and Antiaging Medicine (A4m, USA). Dr. Samatha Tulla has a keen interest in age management, preventive medicine, gut health and Biohacking. She is a known thought leader and speaker on multiple healthcare forums.

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Samatha Tulla

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